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April 11, 2013

GO or NO GO??? :S

Sebenarnye aku masih lagik dalam dua antara nak pegi dengan tidak... hati sangat2 tak tenteram with the north korea tension nih.. hadeii awat la time2 spring yg chantek lawa ni la ko nak buat hal wahai org2 utara korea ....

April 03, 2013

Pre-Korea Spring trip - Part 3

I managed to grab this free shuttle bus to Jeonju for my upcoming trip. Thank god i stumbled upon the reservation page on the first day it was launched and i quickly made the booking. The ticket allocation is actually by ballot system and my name just happen to be one of the lucky 35 for the date that I've chosen ( only 35 passengers per bus ride). However, I haven't done any research on what to do and where to go in Jeonju and I'm pretty much tied up with office work at the moment :(

For those who want to try their luck in getting the free bus ticket, you can refer to this link :

This Free Shuttle Bus will be in service until August and it runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so all the best!

April 02, 2013

Last dah nih ...

I have to promise myself this is the LAST trip to tempat terchenta ini ... kalau nak repeat pun kene tunggu lepas aku abis tempat lain dulu ... hopefully lepas ni takde lagi kejadian gatal2 tangan nak click2 website AA time promo ... i have so many other places i want to go but last2 tiket ke korea jugak la yg aku beli... mencik dengan diri sendiri sebab tak berjaya mengawal nafsu membeli tiket ke 'kg' halaman ini  T__T

*tiket yg berjaya dibeli dengan rega RM269