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March 30, 2014

I received free 100 Big points!!!

Kisahnye ade satu hari tu, aku dok melangok kat AirAsia Facebook page ... tetiba je nampak ade new posting pasal Meals Survey ... and the first 200 participants will receive 100 big points ... wah aku pun excited dan2 click link for the survey ... dalam hati pk kalau ade luck, ade la, kalau takde, i have nothing to loose ... alih2 semalam tergerak hati nak check big points ... skali tengok2 aku dapat 100 big points!!! Hoyeehhhh....excited terlebih plak.. padahal ape la sangat 100 points tu kan... tapi kengkadang bile time promo big points redemption tu, ade jugak route yg bleh redeem pakai 100 points... harap2 ade la rezeki aku utk fly for free tahun nih :)

March 28, 2014

Namdaemun Guesthouse, Seoul

During our recent trip to Seoul, we stayed here for 7 nites ... that is for the first 4 nites we were in Seoul, then we left Seoul for Sokcho, then came back for the rest of the 3 nites ... the room rate is 50,000 won for our double bedroom ..  booking was made thru ...

Before i proceed with my personal review, let's see what this guesthouse has to offer

This is our double bedroom ... room size is OK ... not too cramp, enuff space to put our bags and our shopping hauls

Our room is on the 2nd floor .. there is a kitchenette just outside our room .. this is pretty convenient coz we dun have to go down to the main pantry in the basement every time we want to have our meal ... setakat nak makan megi , bleh panaskan air kat situ jer.. nak heatkan nasik instant pun ok coz ade microwave

This is the living area on the 1st floor ( ground floor) ...

They also provide muslim prayer attires ( telekung, sejadah) ... feel free to take it from the wardrobe...just remember to return them back before leaving the guesthouse ... thumbs up to the guesthouse owner for having this facility  ... i'm pretty sure they receive quite a number of muslim guests in the past

Next to the living area is the laundry room ... they have 1 big washing machine, 1 small washing machine and 1 dryer ... however u can only do your laundry from 9am till 10pm ... and it is FOC ... they even provide the detergent and the softener ... we did our laundry twice during our stay ... and i did one silly mistake ... didn't read the washing instructions carefully on one of my shirts and simply put everything inside the dryer ... alih2 my shirt shrink mcm baju budak 5 years old... and it is Zara's shirt summore T___T

Finally, it's the basement ... the main pantry is on this level

They provide free juices, jam, bread, butter, coffee tea ... all the basic needs ... kalau  nak makan lelebih, sila masak sendiri

Satu beg plastik besar makanan dari tanahair ... must be leftovers from the previous guests ... sampai minyak masak Seri Murni pun ade okeh.. sape la gigih sangat tu ... meggi semua toksah cakap... segala perasa ade

What I like :
Location - it is basically just opposite Namdaemun market ... at most just 5 minutes walk from the market ... and it is still within walking distance to Myeongdong ( by our standard lah ) ... although you can actually take the subway if you dun feel like walking ... but during our entire trip, we just walk from the guesthouse to Myeongdong
About 250m from the subway station , nearest is Hoehyeon station exit 1
Few convenience stores nearby
TV ade banyak sangat channel
Wifi available in all areas , though the signal is not so strong in the basement level
Additional towels, toilet papers, shower gel, conditioner all available in the common area ... boleh amik sesedap hati tak payah mintak dengan owner
Free flow of juices and bread
Ample space in the fridge to store whatever you want ( one fridge on each level)
Banyak makanan leftovers dari org2 mesia ... megi, instant sup, spagetti, brahims, beras , etc etc

What I don't like:
Despite the good location, it's actually on the uphill side ... going down is ok, but coming up after a long day is pretty tiring... lutut kene ade extra kudrat
The airport bus stop is quite a distance ... about 5-10 minutes walk with heavy luggages ( malaysian standard)
Heater dalam bilik tak brape kuat ... agak sejuk jugak malam2
Dinding bilik agak nipis...
Tak cukup hanger... thank god we brought our own hangers ( over tak?? ^_^)
Water heater in the shower takes some time to get hot ( aku rase ni mcm kes biase kat mane2 guesthose yg aku penah duduk)
Walkway from the 2nd floor to the ground floor is an open space, hence need to wear jacket jugak even nak turun pegi basement ... kalau tak lom ape2 dah gigil sampai ke tulang
Not enuff tables and chairs in the main pantry

Will I recommend anyone to stay here? 
Yes if you are on a tight budget and dun mind the 'climbing'.
No if you have lutut problem and with huge luggage

March 26, 2014

Sakura season has just started

Sape2 yg akan sane within this season, selamat berhanami ... i'm not gonna be there until the 6th... harap2 by then masih ade lagik saki baki for us ....

March 24, 2014

MH370 ... Al-fatihah

It is a really sad day for all of us as our PM finally announced that MH370's final resting place is in the bottom of the Indian Ocean ... after few weeks of search and rescue, we have finally come to this ... al-fatihah and may all of you rest in peace ... to my ex-roomie, salam takziah to your family ... please be strong and may your cousin ditempatkan bersama org2 yg beriman ... al-fatihah  T__T

2014 Winter Wonders - Day 9 - Shopping time

Day 9 - 18 January 2014

Last day kat Seoul before going back to KL tomorrow ... so mcm biase hari last adelah hari utk bershopping ape2 yg patut ... we started off kat Namdaemun ... gambar kat Namdaemun takde sebab lupe nak amik ... huhuhu... then pegi Edae lagik skali sebab aritu tak sempat pusing abis ...

Pastu balik semula ke Myeongdong for makan2 and another round of shopping

Dah settle kat Myeongdong, on da way balik ke guesthouse tu sempat lagik melencong ke Namdaemun sebab ade lagik menda yg member aku nak beli.. haisshhh... mcm2 nak beli aihhh... dah la time tu dah malam...kedai2 kat Namdaemun mostly dah tutup...ade beberape gerai je yg masih bukak... dah dapat ape yg nak dibeli, kitorang tapau kebab femes kat area Namdaemun tu.... sampai2 kat guesthouse, sejuk beku dah kebab tu...

And that is the end of our 9-day journey ... overall trip ni adelah ok and enjoyable walaupun sejuk beku sepanjang hari ... I will come back again next year for our family trip ... till then, kene penuhkan tabung ayam dulu...Annyeong Seoul ...

Expenses wise:
AAX = RM842 ( tix + tax + seats + 20kg luggage )
Expenses kat Seoul = 630,000 won ~ RM1,978 ( rate 1,000 won = RM3.14)

Total = RM2,820

March 22, 2014

2014 Winter Wonders - Day 3 - Nami Island

Day 3 - 12 January 2014

Plan kitorang harinih adelah berjimba2 di Nami Island ... walaupun both of us dah berkali2 sampai ke nami, tapi tetap jugak la nak fefeeling winter sonata gitu kan ... dah la mase kluar dari guesthouse tu, weather mcm kelam ala2 mcm nak turun snow jer... serius excited giler kitorang time tu... and true enuff, mase kitorang dalam train Jungang line menghala ke Sangbong, snow dah start turun ... it snowed all the way until Cheongpyeong station... tapi  mmg takde rezeki kitorang la kot kali nih... elok2 je sampai Gapyeong station, snow dah stop... uhuksss.... sedey betul

We took the cab to the jetty ... suhu adelah sejuk nak mamposs... tapi dalam sejuk2 gaban tu org kat nami island tetap la ramai

Mase kitorang pegi nih, ade Igloo Festival ... so banyak la igloo yg diorang buat utk visitors..boleh masuk duduk2 dlm tu ... nak main2 slide and segala mcm menda pun ade.. tapi kene bayar la..kitorang tengok2 dari jauh sesambil amik gambar jer la...

Our lunch pitstop is none other than kedai nasik goncang yg femes itu ... this has always been the highlight of our nami trips...

Dah kenyang, kitorang teruskan lagik pusing2 kat situ....

We left the island around 5pm gitu kot.... misi utk pusing satu pulau masih gagal... sebabnye tak tahan sejuk yg amat