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December 26, 2017

2017 : Of running, eating right & losing weight

It's the end of the year (yet again!).
So let see what I've been doing for the past 12 months.

I've become a casual runner.
I run whenever I'm free and I sign up for running events every now and then ( of course I register for the shorter distance ^_^ )

I change my eating habit.
I started running casually back in 2016 and already losing weight so I thought why not changing a bit of my eating lifestyle this year and see how it goes. So I opt for eat clean diet. With 'sukusukuseparuh' eating portion, it was quite hard at first but it got better soon after and now I'm quite happy with what I've achieved.

I've lost some weight.
After 9 months of eating clean with cheat days in between and many kms of casual running, I managed to lose few more kgs and I'm no longer in the overweight department ^_^

I need to lose 6 more kgs in order to get my ideal weight but it is still a long way to go. Let's make it azam for 2018 :)
As for now, I'm happy with the results.

My wish for 2018, to continue with this healthy lifestyle and hopefully I can reach my ideal weight soon :)
Till then, goodbye 2017 and hello 2018.

December 24, 2017

Happy Holiday

Bile kengkawan sibuk dgn winter trip whereas i just have to settle with this *krik krik krik*

December 21, 2017

Terjebak lagik

Sebab puas hati dengan barang2 yg aku dapat masa beli Dettol Suprise Box on 11.11 haritu, jadiknya aku order lagik sekali the same suprise box on 12.12.
Items yg aku dapat kali ni lain sket but still sangat berbaloi dengan harga RM39.
Bile ehh next Lazada sale?

December 04, 2017

Lifestyle Tax Relief / Pelepasan Cukai Gaya Hidup

Sebab dah masuk penghujung tahun, aku saja je la nak highlightkan satu pelepasan cukai baru untuk tahun 2017 ni.
Sebelum ni, terdapat macam2 tax relief under separate section untuk bahan bacaan, pembelian komputer & pembelian alatan sukan.

Tapi untuk tahun 2017, semua ni dah dilumpsum kan under satu tax relief saja which is Lifestyle tax relief. Untuk aku yg tak berapa nak utilise these tax relief sebelum ni, aku rase untuk Lifestyle tax relief tahun ni mcm agak menguntungkan sebab aku boleh claim monthly internet subscription. Harap2 aku dapat claim maximum amount utk part ni.

*harus diingatkan purchase of sports equipment is NOT ELIGIBLE for sports clothing and sport shoes

Dan untuk pembelian computer, dah boleh claim every year. Sebelum ni boleh claim every 3 years saja. Yeaayy!!! Dan smartphone & tablet pun boleh claim jugak. Double yeayyy!!!
Jadi simpan segala resit anda bebaik. Coming March next year, kita claim semua yg patut :)

Untuk full tax relief for 2017, boleh refer kat link ni: