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May 03, 2018

Spring Cleaning : Brooks SCKLM2018 Run Happy Running Tee to let go

Aku nak let go baju running tee Brooks special edition SCKLM2018.
It was an impulse buy masa pi collect SCKLM race kit bulan lepas.
Masa beli fefeeling muat, bila balik umah try, rupanya sedikit ketat.
So aku nak let go below actual price lah yer.

Size : Women M
Half Chest :  46.2 cm ( 18 inch)
Length : 62.5 cm ( 24.6 inch )
Condition : New with tag still on ( tried once just for fitting )
Selling price : RM79 ( include postage ) - actual price was RM89
It comes together with Brooks voucher, valid until 31/05/2018.

Sapa2 yg berminat, email me at

Thanks :)