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September 09, 2011

Pre-Korea Autumn Trip : Part 2

Aku rase mcm nak extend my stay pulak for this coming trip in october.. originally aku will fly back on 27/10 which is on thursday... pastu pk2 balik, why not aku extend another 2 days...balik on 29/10 instead... i just need to add another day of annual leave je... besides i still have 3 more days of unutilise annual leave..huhu... pastu AA plak tengah wat promo 20% off the air tickets for the date i will be travelling.. if aku tukar date, i just need to pay the penalty which is RM140.. difference in ticket price takyah bayar coz the ticket is slightly cheaper than the one i bought in June... huhuuh.. then again, aku kene increase aku punye spending money la pulak.. kene add maybe another 150,000 won = RM430 ... eeemm... decision, decision...

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