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November 25, 2012

AirAsia's Birthday Bash Sale!!!

Kali ni sale ni adelah utk AAX new travel date for period from 1 Oct 2013 till 31 Dec 2013 ... i've been waiting for this sale coz cite2 nak beli tiket for autumn next year... tapiiiiii, fulusnye dah surut nih...... ingatkan diorang nak buat sale in December.... :S ... rasenye mcm lepas beli tiket one way jer nih... aisshhh... rosak plan .....

We are celebrating our 11th anniversary and we want to celebrate it with YOU with our AirAsia’s Birthday Bash sale! Fly to Penang, Bali, Krabi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Vientiane and may more exciting destinations from 3 Dec 2012 - 31 March 2013 from as low as RM26.11 (all-in-fare)! Check out the full list @ ! 

If you are planning for an X-tra long holiday to X-citing destinations, grab AirAsia X’s Xmas BIG sale from as low as RM249 (all-in-are) to Seoul, Tokyo (Haneda)*, Gold Coast and more & fly from 1 June 2013 - 31 December 2013! More X-citing destinations @ 

Booking period : 00:01 hours (GMT+8), 26 Nov 2012 – 2 Dec 2012

‘Share’ the great news with your friends & family. See you tonight at 00:01 hrs (GMT+8) at ;-)

p/s: Missed out Tony's special surprise message with you? Watch it at

* NOTE: For AirAsia X’s destination to Tokyo (Haneda) & Osaka, will have a different booking & travel period.

*taken from AA FB


  1. thx for the info. harapan ade la mlm ni.. cis!

  2. Jom lah kite sesame... aku nak kene rembat 2 tiket mlm nih... all the best!!

  3. Baru merembat Shanghai, dah ada sale lagi pulak...

  4. nampak gaya, aku sekadar memandang orang lain jelah kalini, huhu...

  5. @Mie, sale manjang skang nih... tensen je kan..

    @Orga, bertabahlah ....