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March 30, 2011

Korea trip .. 30 days to go

Another 30 days to go and I still have alot to prepare

1) To finalize the itineraries
2) Need to change another 400,000 won
3) Should I buy the sling bag here ( OMG LeSportsac is having sale in OU) or should i buy in Korea ?
4) Vacuum bag - to compress my clothes... found one in Universal Travellers Mid Valley ... RM25 for 2 pack... i think i will buy 4 .. not that I'm planning to bring alot of clothes anyway.. just incase i accidently shop alot later on in Korea.. hahaha
5) I haven't applied for annual leave yet .. crossing my fingers hoping that my boss will approve my leave application ... oh please boss, please

In a meantime, I'm preparing a travelbook. Will put all the itineraries, brochures, maps in that one book... it's not much but at least I want to create something to remind me of my first trip to Korea ...

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