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April 21, 2011

One week more and I'm off to Seoul ...

OK, so I have another week to kill before boarding the plane and enjoying spring time in Seoul. So far, I've done the following :

1) Bought 5 vacumm bags, but the ones i bought do not require vacumm cleaner to suck the air out... just need to rollover the bag until air is gone and zip it.. i tested one bag with about 7 pieces of t-shirts and it got compressed nicely... definitely saving space in my luggage

2) food ration - bought 3 packets of Mark & Spencer biscuits, 4 tins of tuna, 3 tuna spread and biscuits, 2 maggi in a cup, 5 packets of maggi , 3 boxes of mushroom sup segera, 2 packets of Jacobs breakfast biscuits. Honestly I don't think I can survive eating those food. I'm more of a heavy loader when it comes to eating so biscuits and what not can be something to alas perut but definitely not the main course. I would definitely have to look for something heavy to eat if I want to survive those 10 days. We already compiled a list of eateries where halal food / vege food are served. I would very much like to try all those Korean eating places but most of them serve pork although they do serve some seafood dishes. I dun mind eating there but I'm afraid my companions might not like it. So we'll see how it goes later on.

3) Clothes - planning to bring 1 light jacket, 5 light tops and 2 jeans becoz after seeing the weather forecast , the temperature will be between 18C-22C ... which I think is moderate and a light jacket will do. But after being told by someone who just got back from Seoul, it's still pretty much cold up there. So there goes my 5 piece of t-shirt. I'm afraid I have to pack some warm clothes as well. Oh man, I already packed all my winter clothings in one box and store it somewhere i can't remember plus the house is now in major renovation and all boxes are piled up on top of another, hence there is no way I'm going to go through all the boxes just to look for a piece of warm clothes. Therefore, I decided to just buy whatever i need in Seoul... so much for budget trip rite...

4) Passport - checked - still valid ( until 2014 actually) , just need to make few photocopies

5) Tickets - meals booked, seat not yet booked. Not sure whether my companions want to book seat together or not.

6) Accomodation - already booked and comfirmed. Will be staying at Namsan2 Guesthouse which is located near to Namsan Tower ( BOF anyone?? :D )

7) Itineraries - Checked. Already finalise the itineraries. Hopefully we can cover all places we've planned.

8) Other needed infos - Maps, list of eateries, tourist guide - all in printing process

9) Travelbook - compiling

Fuhhhhhh... there goes my travel preparation list .... I hope the trip is worth the effort and money

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