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March 28, 2013

Free Seat ... Again??!!!

Haisshh... time aku nak pegi berjimba ria ni la ko nak buat sale pulak T__T

For a long time, flying has always been a distant dream. What used to be a luxury that only the rich can enjoy is now a dream come true for many of us all thanks to AirAsia's Low Fares! 

And this time, we're bringing you even more low fares with our AirAsia FREE SEATS! It's time to take flight and discover the world! Fly to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and many more amazing countries! 

The world is your oyster and it's time for you to grab it! :)

We are also happy to share that BIG Shots priority redemption will begin 1 APRIL 2013 at 00:00hrs (GMT +8), what are you waiting for!

Source : AirAsia FB

Travel date lom revealed lagik.... aku bajet for AAX , they will open new travel date starting from 10 Feb 2014 onwards ... so another round of cherry blossom next year, Japan perhaps ? :)

updated on 31/3/2013


  1. alaaa... tak sempat nak grab tiket freela kalu camni

  2. ke mana agaknya destinasi murah? tik tok tik tok..

  3. huhu~...terpaksa skip kalini azra, duit abis banyak pergi korea ritu. cover balik...

  4. Tokdey tengok.. tokdey carro ko free seat walaupun hati meronta2 nok jenguk huhu.

  5. yes, i vote for japan. hehehe