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November 26, 2013

Sum Guesthouse Nampo, Busan

The most important reason why i stayed here is because it is right smack in the middle of shopping street ... nothing beats that ... walaupun aku hanye cuci mate saje, for me that's more than enuff ... amik feel gitu kan.. besides, this place is closer to some of the attractions in Busan ... sila tengok map kat bawah nih...

Gwangbokro a.ka. the shopping street adelah sepanjang line kaler pink itu

Each dorm has it's own bathroom
Small bath towel available at the reception counter
Washing machine available but need to pay some fees
Free breakfast every morning consist of bread and chicken soup
Hot and cold water dispenser
Tea and coffee available throughout the day
Pinggan mangkuk sudu garfu
Luggage storage
Dining hall ade big screen, bleh enjoy tengok tv sesambil makan
2 shared pc for guests in the dining hall
Movie room in the basement - they will play one movie each nite ...
Free one can / bottle of beer during happy hour

What I like:
Blanket and tilam sangat best ... rase berchenta nak bangun pagi2
Each bed has it's own small rack where you can put your gadgets and makeups
Someone actually left a pair of telekung for muslimah usage.. together with beberapa pack of maggi ... and the guesthouse letak menda2 ni kat depan sebelah reception area
The big screen in the dining hall ... syok layan kdrama malam2 walaupun tak paham
Access to each dorm is by security card ... so rase sangat secure

What I don't like:
Lots of korean guests, so i received a lot of long stares due to my tudung ... unlike Seoul, org bertudung kat Busan adelah sangat2 rare
Pantry area is not big enuff to occupy the guests especially during breakfast time
There is 'no-entry' time between 11am till 3pm - they do the house keeping during these hours
It takes sometime for the shower to get hot
Very annoying alarm will be triggered if you don't close the door properly
The wall is quite thin, you could hear someone from the next room talking


  1. amboihhh kain sarong batik jawa pn ade ditinggalkan. hiks,

  2. concerned and considerate sungguh orang yang tinggalkn telekung dan meggi tu!

    the hostel nampak bagus. might try it one day :)

  3. Hostel yg cukup baik.. :D
    bagus la siapa yg tinggal kan telekung tu.. pahala jalan setiap org yg gunakan nyer ..

  4. baiknyer ko azra, tinggal kan semua tu untuk orang lain, kalau aku memang angkut bawak balik semua, ahaha...

  5. kalau bilik secure dan lokasi menarik ngan tempat shopping dan attraction palce mmg jadi pilihan. time kasih Azra..lepas baca info ni leh nginap di sini kalau ke Busan nanti

  6. Lokasi dan facilities GH ni yg best, lain2 kelemahan boleh bertolak ansur..Owner GH ni kira considerate jg, siap letak telekung kat depan lg, kat M'sia pun takde mcm ni..

  7. Betul lah org bertudung tu rare kt Busan. My mum dimintak bergambar by many Busan ahjumma,siap mintak otograph bagai. interview mcm2..mcm pesta ayam-itik.hahaha. dorg ingt kan dari Arab Saudi