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October 03, 2014

Trying my luck

Random pic from Japan auction site

Apparently getting FT Island's concert ticket in Japan is not as easy as the one in Seoul. And to make things worst, all tickets are sold out !!! I have no choice but to start looking for third party services to secure one ticket for me through auctions. Tapi harga pulak dah markup sket, pastu seats plak unknown, and there are risks of buying auction tickets such as no refund in case the concert is cancelled, or the seller to sebenarnye a scammer, and etc etc ... ehh banyak plak cabaran nak tengok adik2 rumah kuning kat jepun nih :S ... Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! Kemsalam leader k.

  2. Huwa semoga berjaya mendapat tiket yang betul...demi adik rumah kuning!

  3. wah..peminat FT island rupanya...
    dapat pergi concert pulak tu..I is jeles..:-D

  4. Good Luck Azra...aminn...kalau berjaya nanti jgn lupa kongsi dgn we oulss tau

  5. woaaaaa primadonna ni rupanya ^^ jaejin ku bhahahah.. kirim salam lah ye kat si hensem itu. syiok nye lahai.. nak ikut T.T